How can an integrator expand the number of services and increase the speed of work without losing quality?

  • We simplify the process of any implementation
  • Graphical display of data movement and integration
  • Customization of integration on different technologies
  • Open Source, API, Connector SDK – expertise monetization
  • Secure exchange testing directly within operational infrastructure
  • Built-in Safety Tools
  • Onboarding and training to work with the system – from Junior to Middle in 2 hours

Special limited offer for first 100 registrations

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12/31/2022 23:59:59

  • Controlled success of the project

  • Sprint speed of implementation

  • Discounts for partners and perks

Truly ground-breaking tool for:

  • Directors and business analyst

  • Integrators and automation engineers

  • Software developers and architects

  • Data analysts and engineers

And in general for everyone who likes to automate routine


What AINSYS is capable of

We reduce the cost of implementation and automation

Cost of the project and preparation of TOR at design stage

Client needs are right in TOR, AINSYS allows to view technical realization, business logic and project management at discussion stage

  • We represent the only system which allows to systematize and automate processes of setting and accepting tasks from developers

  • Coordination of TOR and estimates is no longer a prerequisite with AINSYS

  • Our UX/UI is based on the AGILE & SCRUM philosophy. This allows you to achieve results as fast as possible.

Integrator budget savings

AINSYS is a tool for integrators

Savings are expressed in the use of complete methodology which easily integrates with any system. Monetize your expertize in systems and get more done in less time!

  • AINSYS enables partners to reach more customers, improve communication in the implementation team, systematize the project management process, and train analysts and developers.

  • Our service is a revolutionary tool that expands the capabilities of integrator companies and makes integration implementation processes transparent and understandable for all participants.

Quality control

Monetize your expertise

One of the goals of AINSYS is to encourage the connection of new systems. Create your own versions of connectors. And in exchange:

  • Applications from clients interested in your systems implementation. Get income from customer transactions!

  • Get recompense for development and improvement of connectors

  • Get money from transactions through your proprietary connectors

Untie your staff hands – with the AINSYS methodology, it will be much easier to unleash the full potential of your team!!

Client data management

Don’t risk customer data to test and set up integrations. AINSYS system allows to exonerate integrator’s employees from all risks.

  • AINSYS allows you to customize and organize integration testing either without access to data or in a limited mode

  • Access and security settings in AINSYS are very flexible and allow each participant to get only what they need

Control a project success

Complete security of integrator and client, no reputational risks. Now integrator doesn’t need an access to confidential information for testing!

Encryption viruses, hackers and unscrupulous employees pose a danger to customer data

The basis of the AINSYS architecture is security and compliance with data privacy laws of different countries

  • Bug Bounty – ethical hackers who constantly test our architecture

  • AI and computer-aided learning is integrated into the system to recognize and prevent attacks

Take part in our programm and get decent reward!

Comand extension

Involve partners to work with a client

Safely involve other partners with a small set of knowledge to collaborate in working with a client, for example:

You implement ERP and CRM, and other partners can integrate the machine learning technology that the customer needs. With the help of AINSYS, you can invite and introduce your partners to the project, strictly separate areas of responsibility, allocate and monitor the execution of tasks.

Increase staff competencies

Allow yourself to decrease requirements to staff competencies

Usually fast and high-quality integration of two services needs at least two Senior specialists – one per each system, with AINSYS one middle-specialist is enough. It becomes possible due to simple and universal AINSYS connectors technology.

  • AINSYS is the tool which allows to significantly reduce requirements to staff qualification, especial in case of used integrations

  • In case when for realization of technical exchange tools participation of developers is required, AINSYS performs the function of platform for analyst and developers cooperation, automizes setting and acceptance of critiria for successful project handover

Thousands of new services

Now, for complex implementations, you are not limited by your expertise, but only by the number of connectors in AINSYS

AINSYS framework allows you to increase the number of available services for implementation, multiply the reach and lower the entry threshold for clients!

We tamed technologies, use them for 8 steps

AINSYS – reduce IT-load and progress your business

Step 1

Registration in the system

Create your personal account and fill an application for partners registration

Step 2

Introduction to partners programm

We will send a link to the documents with detailed conditions of the Partner programm and answer your questions

Step 3

Getting to know AINSYS

After studying your candidacy, we will invite you to a demonstration of AINSYS capabilities and communication with a regional representative

Step 4

Sign cooperation documents

You will recieve a set of documents to be signed which are necessary for cooperation and keeping with us mutual exchanges

Step 5

Evaluate AINSYS capabilities for large teams

We will provide your team with the access to our SDK, API and with links to all the documents, so they could get to know system capabilities and opened codebase

Step 6

Get your benefits for using AINSYS

Receive a set of coupones which you can give to your clients to register them in the system

Step 7

Get training on working with AINSYS

Get access and take training video courses on the AINSYS system

Step 8

Grow professionally with AINSYS

Take more projects, expand and level your team up, create connectors and get new competencies – Earn more with AINSYS

IT-decisions, automatization, IoT without programmers

  • Easy implementation of new systems and tools
  • Friendly GUI
  • Ready-made templates for exchange settings
  • Open Source, API, Connector SDK – simpy customization
  • Secure exchange testing on combat infrastructure
  • Built -in safety tools

No credit card required!

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Special limited offer for first 100 registrations

  • >90%

    Chance on project success

  • x100

    To MVP speed

  • до 20%

    Partner discount

  • ⁺200%

    To clients satisfaction

  • —80%

    From integrators costs and risks

  • ⁺100%

    To labor efficiency

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