We help companies start offering more services and work faster through service integration

  • Simplifying all tech implementations
  • Open Source, API, Connector SDK – unlimited opportunities for customizing solutions on your own
  • Secure data exchange testing directly within operational infrastructure
  • Built-in safety tools
  • Available for employees with no coding skills

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02/31/2023 23:59:59

  • Controlled success of the project

  • Sprint speed of implementation

  • Discounts for partners

A truly revolutionary tool for:

  • Executives and business analysts

  • Integrators and automation engineers

  • Software developers and architects

  • Data analysts and engineers

And for everyone automating routine tasks


What AINSYS is capable of

Stop worrying about budgets

We reduce the cost of implementation and automation

AINSYS tools’ simplicity and accessibility reduces the time and effort cost of failure to a minimum. This is essential for innovation, since reducing cost of failing encourages people to try integrating new tools and software they would otherwise avoid

  • AINSYS enables partners to reach more customers, improve communication in the implementation team, systematize the project management process, and train analysts and developers.

  • Our UX/UI is based on the AGILE & SCRUM philosophy. This allows you to achieve results as fast as possible.

Integrators’ tool #1

AINSYS is a tool for integrators

Mock data sets and integrated testing tools allow full testing capabilities without access to real company data

  • We open-source our connectors and offer components like preset tools, libraries, software development kits to empower developers and partners to create their solutions on top of the platform

Quality control

Monetize your skills

We encourage connecting new systems. Create your own versions of connectors. And in exchange:

  • Get income from customer transactions!

  • Benefit from transactions through your proprietary connectors

Unleash the full potential of your team

Client data management

Don’t risk customer data to test and set up integrations

  • AINSYS allows you to customize and organize integration testing either without having to provide access to data to third party developers

  • Access and security settings in AINSYS are very flexible and allow each participant to get only what they need

Control your project’s success

Data security is our top priority

Encryption viruses, hackers, and unscrupulous employees pose a serious danger to customer data

AINSYS architecture was built with security and compliance with data privacy laws as our #1 priority

  • Bug Bounty – ethical hackers that regularly test our architecture

  • AI and computer-aided learning is integrated into the system to recognize and prevent attacks

Become our partner and start earning today!

Expanding communities

Invite partners to work with you

While implementing systems, you will be able to invite your developers to take part in your project, assign responsibilities, allocate resources, and monitor tasks

Increase productivity

Smaller teams for more goals

Usually fast and high-quality integration of two services needs at least two Senior specialists – one per each system, with AINSYS one middle-specialist is enough. It becomes possible due to simple and universal AINSYS connectors technology.

  • AINSYS offers tools that will significantly reduce qualification requirements for developers

  • No-code AINSYS tools allow to involve employees with no coding skills in your work

IT-decisions, automatization, and IoT without developers

  • Easy implementation of new systems and tools
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Ready-made templates for exchange settings
  • Open Source, API, Connector SDK – simple customization
  • Secure data exchange testing within the production
  • Built-in safety tools

No credit card required!

  • >90%

    Chance on project success

  • x100

    To MVP speed

  • 20%

    Partner discount

  • ⁺200%

    To clients satisfaction

  • —80%

    From integrators costs and risks

  • ⁺100%

    To labor efficiency

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