AINSYS is always looking for developers who are ready to create useful products!

How can a developer monetize their expert evaluation without having to promote their services?

  • Use your expert knowledge to consult clients
  • Help people to connect services, developing your own connectors
  • Integration customizations based on the technologies you are familiar with
  • Open Source, API, Connector SDK – unlimited opportunities for customizing solutions on your own
  • Secure exchange testing directly on the operational infrastructure – no test databases, no access to client data
  • Built-in security tools and compliance with the protection and storage of confidential data laws
  • Onboarding and training for working with the system – from Junior to Middle in 2 hours

No credit card required!

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Special limited offer for first 100 registrations

02/31/2023 23:59:59

  • Your knowledge is money

  • Technology for integrations

  • 20% Partner discount


Why do developers need us?

Easy client accounting

Implemented TOR constructor

Client needs can be quickly structured and recorded in a TOR based on the applied settings. You will only have to reply with information on how you can help.

  • Our system allows to structure and automate receiving and accepting tasks. Now developers don’t need to create tasks and communicate with a client.

  • Our UX/UI are based on the AGILE & SCRUM philosophy that reduces time period to MVP and increases project transparency for clients

Saving developers time and costs

AINSYS as the main working tool

We understand that no technology can replace expertise.

The skills required for successful implementations are not limited to using APIs to communicate with the target system.

We have created an integration marketplace that allows you to build a whole community of developers, users, and integrators. Everyone can start solving their problems and earning money.

Gain experience by implementing products.

  • AINSYS enables partners to reach more clients, improve team communication, systematize the work process, and train new specialists

  • Our platform is a tool that empowers developers, helping to organize and speed up implementation processes.

Control clients satisfaction

Make money through your expertise

One of the the AINSYS affiliate program goals is to encourage connecting new systems. Create your own connectors with the systems you use. And as a follow-on:

  • Work independently or in a team with like-minded people to create modern IT solutions

  • Attract partners to the project, participate in the referral program and get rewarded. Divide areas of responsibility independently, allocate and monitor the execution of tasks

  • Receive requests from clients for the implementation of the systems you work with. Compensation for expertise guaranteed

  • Increase profit by creating new and upgrading existing connectors

  • Set up NDA-free integrations while maintaining security

  • Make money on transanctions that will be performed via your connectors

Increase your productivity

Save time and secure clients’ data

Stop risking customer data for testing and configuring integrations

  • AINSYS interface helps to configure and organize integration testing without having to provide access to data to third-party developers

  • Accesses and security settings in the AINSYS workspace are very flexible and allow each participant in the process to receive only the most necessary data to perform their work

Absolute project security

Security and compliance with data protection laws

We made sure to prioritize security and compliance with privacy laws fromm the very start of creating AINSYS

  • Bug Bounty: we invite ethical hackers for testing our infrastructure

  • AI and machine learning integrated into the system to recognize and prevent hacker attacks

Expanding communities

Invite partners to work with you

While implementing systems, you will be able to invite your partners to take part in your project, assign responsibilities, allocate resources, and monitor tasks

Increase productivity

Smaller teams for more goals

With AINSYS, you won’t need to involve a whole team to connect two systems — one middle-level specialist is enough

  • AINSYS offers tools that will significantly reduce qualification requirements for developers

Thousands of new ways to earn money

With AINSYS connectors, you can offer your skills to anyone

Start offering more services and expand client outreach with AINSYS framework

Start using our tech in just 6 easy steps

AINSYS is the best solution for developers

Step 1

The application process

Join our Partnership program and fill out a short questionnaire

Step 2

Get to know the system

We will contact you and invite for a free demo

Step 3

Sign the documents

You will recieve a set of documents to be signed which are necessary for cooperation and keeping with us mutual exchanges

Step 4


Gaining access to SDK, API, and other solutions

Step 5

Start benefiting from AINSYS

Discount templates will appear in your personal account. You can give them to your clients and start accepting payments for your work.

Step 6

Access new demos and tutorials

Our platform is always expanding — every day we offer more and more connectors and tools. Make sure to keep up with our news to see how else you can benefit from our partnership.

Upgrade your business’ IT infrastructure within days

  • Simple implementation of new systems and tools
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Templates for data exchange
  • Secure exchange testing within the production
  • Implemented security tools

No credit card required!

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