Integration platform for automation, data exchange, and IT implementations

  • Scalable technology for integrating different applications within minutes
  • Secure data storage both in the cloud and on-premise
  • Workflow testing without compromising the company’s infrastructure
  • Built-in data inventory and user actions logging, maximum work transparency and data security tools

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Special limited offer for the first 100 users

02/31/2023 23:59:59

  • Full data control

  • High-speed IT implementations

  • Ready-to-use custom solutions

A truly revolutionary tool for:

  • Executives and business analysts

  • Integrators and automators

  • Software developers and architects

  • Data engineers

And for everyone automating routine tasks


What can AINSYS do for you?

AINSYS reduces your implementation and automation costs! How?

NoCode platform and AGILE implementation methodology!

AINSYS can seamlessly exchange data between various IT systems (ERP, CRM, CMS, CDP, EDW, AI, ML). With our platform, you will be able to start automating business processes without having to hire developers.

Hosted in the cloud or on a local server, AINSYS makes your organization’s IT infrastructure easy-to-navigate and transparent, as well as enables automation and data management for users with no coding experience.

Record implementation speeds

Our platform is based on the AGILE philosophy

The AINSYS innovative methodology provides businesses with a way to catch up and outrun the corporate giants. Budgets and the number of developers on your team no longer play a role.

  • Data integration from multiple services in just 10 minutes

Complete reliability

Stress-free switching between various systems

Services become obsolete, change policies, or leave the market. Keeping up with the times requires constant search for new solutions, but migration remains a serious challenge.

With AINSYS, adopting new platforms is no longer a problem since you can test several new services at the same time!

  • AINSYS frees the team from being tied to one product and gives the opportunity to choose the best solution not just for a single task, but for each individual department or employee!

The power of a simple interface

Full control over your digital bridge

Gain complete access to your organization’s data and make informed decisions based on the most comprehensive data analysis tools available on the market.

All interactions between data and your employees are available on one screen.

  • AINSYS interface was designed for simultaneous analysis and data management data

  • Fully intuitive interface, optimized for non-technical teamwork, collaborative data analysis, technical specifications development, process and testing monitoring.

Business Live

Business inventory in your pocket

Who has access to your highly-valuable data, trade secrets, customer and employee data? Where is this data stored? Is it safe?

With AINSYS, you know where your data is kept, when and who had access to confidential information. Data is the most valuable asset, therefore, you need to watch it closely and protect it!


Data Security & Compliance

Negligent employees, industrial espionage, hackers and viruses are an objective reality. AINSYS developers have made data security our #1 priority during the architecture development process.

  • Penetration testing & Bug Bounty programs — we invite top-notch information security experts and ethical hackers to help develop AINSYS connectors

  • Both AI and machine learning have been integrated into the logging system for recognizing and preventing attacks

New services integration via the AINSYS system

Record-breaking connection speed to Legacy and new systems

If a connector you require is not available in our system yet, please, make sure to contact us. We will develop a connector according to your request within less than 1 week.

Alternatively, you can request to develop a connector our partners through our website, as well as use our methodologies, tools, and open source architecture to solve any of your problems with your team.

  • Connector development takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to several days, including collecting additional infor and testing. It all depends on both external system complexity and your users’ familiarlity with our systems.

Start using our tech in 8 steps

AINSYS: start scaling your IT solutions today

Step 1

Sign up

Visit and create your organization workspace. WorkSpace allows to consolidate and organize company’s data, which combines all infrastructure parts connected.

Step 2

IT specialists onboarding

Invite your system administrators to WorkSpace. The interface allows to clearly divide responsibilities and protect data from third-party contractors work.

Step 3

Data structures access and mapping

AINSYS allows you to access the data structure of any external system that has an API or can send webhooks. To set up business logic, AINSYS must have access to entities that exist in other systems (documents, contacts, directories) and be able to read and write permissions.

Step 4

Business users onboarding

Invite your managers and employees to your WorkSpace. We have successfully optimized the interface for non-technical specialists!

Are all developers busy? Is the system too complicated? Invite to work experienced AINSYS specialists, who have already succeeded in IT system implementation.

Step 5

Active working groups organization

AINSYS was created for the efficient cooperation of working groups – after all, only a team can realize a high-quality implementation! The interface defines the methodology and facilitates the organization of all processes of discussion, planning, customization and testing of business logic and data flows.

Step 6

Data standardizing in a single source of truth

AINSYS data structuring and storage method allows to avoid configuring the exchange individually between IT systems. The service acts as a single truth source and consolidates data as well as normalizes and provides the required result. AINSYS allows to connect your system to all applications at once within 1 operation – there is no need to set up separate connections between different systems.

Step 7

Tested schemes and templates speed up the setup

Take advantage of AINSYS templates that allow you to set up simple integration and automation scenarios within hours, instead of days, weeks, and months!

Step 8

Simulator and testing settings within operational infrastructure

You will be able to start the exchange once the configuration is completed. With AINSYS, you do not need an infrastructure for testing! AINSYS can emulate operations and test automations to ensure that everything works before allowing production databases changes.

No-dode Turbo upgrade of business IT infrastructures

  • Easy implementation of new systems and tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ready data exchange settings templates
  • Secure testing within operational infrastructure
  • Built-in security tools

No credit card required!

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    Solutions within one platform

  • >90%

    Chance for innovation success

  • -100%

    of data mess!

  • -95%

    of time to implement new tools

  • -80%

    of the integration budget

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