Smooth and stress-free migration to any CRM

Two-way sync in real time prevents workflow disruptions during transition period

  • No-code integration with fully customizable open-source connectors
  • Continue using your old familiar workflows while testing new CRMs
  • Connect and test drive multiple CRMs at once to find the one you prefer
  • Faster, easier CRM implementations!

No credit card required!

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Special limited offer for first 100 registrations

02/31/2023 23:59:59

  • Integrate with a few clicks within minutes

  • Any service or app connection is possible

  • Top-notch data security

  • UI/UX Optimized for Teamwork!

What can AINSYS offer to your company?

  • Two-way data sync in real time

    Easy data exchange to and from CRM systems – transfer data between databases, including leads, goods, prices, availability, and so on.

  • Fast and easy setup process

    Integration templates allow quick connection to a wide variety of CRMs. You can also customize them via no-code AINSYS tools

  • Test-drive a variety of CRMs

    Integrate multiple CRMs and test all of them at once. All data is synchronized in real time! Pick the one your team likes best!

All it takes is 5 simple steps

No strings attached: no credit card required. Sign up for free to start your 100-days free trial!

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Register at — 1 min

Free trial — no strings attached and no credit card required

Choose apps to extract data — 2 min

Pick apps you need data transferred from, including Google Sheets, CRMs, ERPs, accounting apps, input and output sources.

Connect to Workspace

Connect your apps in your AINSYS Workspace, pick the data entities you want exchanged, such as contacts, invoices, Docs, and so on.

Activate DataFlows

Activate DataFlows and see your newly connected CRMs come to life – with data synced in real time your can start using them right away

Switch back and forth!

Have you encountered a problem with your workflow in the new CRM? Switch to the previous system and continue working there. No data lost, thanks to two-way sync!

Try any app you want

AINSYS can sync data between any number of apps – it is designed to serve you as a Data Warehouse and universal integration framework for implementing any new tech easier and faster!

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Special offer for the first 100 users

No credit card required!

Supercharge the Pace of Innovation for your operations!

Trial and Personal use


  • 2 users
  • 5000 operations
  • Explore the product’s features, use for personal projects
  • Full access to all product features for testing. Limited only by number of transactions

Solopreneurs & Microbusiness

from 9 USD/month

  • 2 users
  • 12000+ operations
  • Perfect for small and medium businesses with low budgets
  • No coding skills required

Teams of any size

from 49 USD/month

  • 10 users+
  • 25000+ operations
  • Suitable for companies of all sizes
  • Unleash your team’s potential through automation and workflow optimization!

What is AINSYS framework?

Test-driving CRMs is now possible with two-way sync!

  • Fast and easy two-way data exchange in real time to any number of apps!
  • Full control over your data – back up and sync to a Data Warehouse!
  • Keep your legacy system up-to-date and working for as long as necessary
  • Keep automating and optimizing your workflows without any limitations!
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10/31/2022 23:59:59

  • Keep your data secure

  • Maintain data synced across all apps and teams

  • Create a scalable infrastructure

  • Bring order to your flows of Data

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