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What makes AINSYS an outstanding and efficient solution?

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  • Safety

    AWS, on-premise deployment

  • AWS SLA 99,9999%

    Business critical infrastructure SLA

  • Quick start

    Setting up over within minutes

  • See how it works

    With AINSYS
    Without AINSYS

    Perfect For Your Business

    Significantly reduce the implementation and automation costs

    No-code platform and AGILE implementation methodology
    ANSYS tools can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise
    Unique AINSYS proprietary ETL architecture promotes data normalization and can handle enterprise level loads
    GUI optimized for workgroup collaboration with non-technical personnel, welcoming more people to become citizen developers

    Unparalleled implementation speed

    AINSYS helps to easily integrate services
    No more setbacks due to low budgets and teams’ sizes
    Gain the advantages of AGILE without having to include any new processes into your routine
    After the initial connector set up, any user will be able to access pre-set templates

    Trustworthiness at its best

    Keep your data in your infrastructure’s DMZ zone
    Test several services simultaneously
    Break your team free from being dependent on one product
    Outsourcing to 3rd party developers without sacrificing privacy

    Simple, Intuitive, And Easy-To-Navigate Interface

    Feel the power of simplicity. Never worry about data security again.Use the most ample information resources for guiding business decisions.

    • Designed for analyzing.

      and managing several data resources simultaneously

    • Users can access all

      data and business system interactions they need in one place.

    • Intuitive

      and easy-to-navigate design

    • Optimized for everyone

      including non-tech staff, analysts, testers, and many others

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    Visibility and Transparency

    AINSYS provides full visibility into how your confidential data is stored and who can access it
    Framework allows you to outsource challenging tasks to external contractors without disclosing any valuable details on the inner workings of your company
    AINSYS provides tools to set up access on a need-to-know basis, reducing or eliminating NDA requirements
    Built-in specifications master will make project management a breeze

    Data Security + Compliance

    AINSYS provides the highest level of data protection
    Sensitive information protection has always been one of our top concerns
    AINSYS builts tools with the help of highly-skilled information security experts
    We use a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools in the system’s logs to detect, stop, and prevent potential attacks.

    Fast Integration Of New Services

    We can create any connector you request within a week
    Your team can use our tools and tweak our open source architecture to tackle any issue
    The velocity of implementation with AINSYS is so fast, that ROI can be almost instantaneous, and the automation project becomes a risk-free endeavor
    Now your company can integrate any new products and services with lighting-fast accuracy

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      Want To Use AINSYS efficiently?

      Here’s Our 8-Step Guide
      Overcome any IT obstacle and grow your business with AINSYS

      • 1

        Register at in 1 minute

        Free trial — no strings attached and no credit card required

      • 2

        Choose apps to sync in 2 minutes

        Choose all apps you want to sync from the list one by one or a whole package at once. Templates provided!

      • 3

        Connect to Workspace

        Connect your apps in your AINSYS Workspace and chose data you want transferred.

      • 4

        Activate the DataFlows

        Activate the DataFlows and see your Google Sheets created, data filled in and dashboards come alive!

      • 5

        More apps

        Do you prefer Power BI, Google Data Studio or Tableau for visualization? Connect them to your Google Sheets and start your work right away!

      • 6

        Need more data? Other apps?

        Flexible customizations are unlimited with AINSYS! Just follow instructions in our app and start extract data from anywhere!

      • 7

        Faster implementation

        Speed up the setup process with our templates, tools, and innovative approaches

      • 8

        Test business processes

        Test settings and experiment within an operational infrastructure

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