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02/31/2023 23:59:59

25+ integrations with primary sales & marketing systems.


AINSYS integration framework syncs data between your favorite tools

No expensive subscriptions! Full flexibility via Google spreadsheets!

  • Quick & Easy setup

    Prebuilt Data Pipelines and connectors allow for the quickest start imaginable.

  • Favorite & familiar apps

    Connect your favorite stack of apps and customize it the way you want it.

  • Saving money

    Save BIG! Pay only for what you use — transaction-based subscription plan.

Optimize your advertising budgets!

Set up your end-to-end marketing analytics with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio templates. Replace expensive solutions, such as Chartbeat, Mixpanel, Roistat!

100 days money-back guarantee

Create your budget calculators for business and for family

Seamlessly channel raw transaction data from different sources to Spreadsheet templates for storage, analysys and management

Quick communication with AINSYS specialists

Calculate employee salary and KPI calculators within minutes

Integrate salary and KPI calculators and your task trackers, CRM, and employee monitoring software, all into one spreadsheet or dashboard. You and your employees will start receiving feedback immediately!

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