What is AINSYS? What products are available in AINSYS?

AINSYS is a single platform for automating work processes and data exchange, as well as integration, implementation of various applications, databases, IT solutions, smart devices of the IoT.

Why is AINSYS better than a product N? 3 main reasons to choose AINSYS:

AINSYS is not just a tool for exchange via API and web hooks, but a complete integration platform with AGILE methodology for implementations, as well as a network of specialists to solve any problems;

AINSYS is not a replacement for programmers and integrators, but an opportunity to effectively interact with them, to get more done for less time and money;

AINSYS is not just data exchange and automation, but a mechanism to protect data, bring order to the business and the ability to accelerate innovation.

Your solution is expensive. What payback period can I expect?

You can try a complete set of functionality for free, provided that you do not spend computational resources and the time of our specialists.

For individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, we set a goal – to make AINSYS more profitable and accessible to any of the competitors! For everyone, including medium -sized businesses and large corporations – the product pays off in the first half of the year.

If it seems expensive to you, if you doubt that it will pay off, write to us and we will select the ideal tariff for you!

How does AINSYS automate my work?

AINSYS binds your apps and devices, so that the work performed in one app is reflected everywhere;

AINSYS, based on operations and information in one application, can launch automation in other systems and devices;

AINSYS allows you to synchronize and store information in a single database, making data more protected and affordable for employees, excluding the appearance of “landfills” with data where useful information disappears and becomes useless.

AINSYS fully automates routine work. You connect applications to the system, and it not only moves the information between external systems based on the rules you set, but also synchronizes and stores information in a single database.

What applications can be connected to AINSYS?

Any application that has an API can be connected to AINSYS. If an app has no API, you can create a connector application on its side that allows to connect your app to the API AINSYS via web hooks.

The number of ready-to-connect systems available in AINSYS is constantly growing, you can find a list of all the various applications available in our catalog.

If you haven’t found the system you need, you can order its development and connection from us or from our partners directly through the site.

The average time for developing and connecting an application is from 1 to 10 days, it all depends on the complexity and characteristics of the system itself.

Will I be able to connect the X system? And how many connectors to external systems do you have?

We have developed a system that allows you to create and connect a connector in less than 1 working day of a programmer. All our connectors are open source and can be improved. To speed up and simplify the development of new connectors, we provide a ToR constructor to standardize the integration task. We also provide API & SDK for programmers.Is there a connector missing? Pay chosen tariff for a year and we will make the connector you need faster than you can assemble a working group to set up the integration.

I’ve never heard about AINSYS. How can I trust you with my data? Is AINSYS safe?

From the very beginning of our product development, the security of customer information and compliance with Data Privacy Laws has been our priority. Bug Bounty and AI allow you to constantly test the system for vulnerabilities, identify and prevent attacks as quickly as possible.The AINSYS interface helps you configure and organize integration testing, either with no access to data at all, or with very limited and controlled access. The access and security settings in the AINSYS workspace are very flexible and allow each process participant to get only the most necessary access to perform their work in order to avoid unnecessary risks of data loss.

For AINSYS security is a priority.

If you are a No-Code platform, and a non-technical user can set up any automation and integration himself, then why are you developing a network of partners and developers?

Often, business workflow optimization only seems simple, and it may be more cost-effective to hire experienced professionals and consultants to help you set up automation faster, better, and optimize it for your organization’s business processes. To do this, we gather a community of industry experts and optimize our product not only as a tool for the end user, but also as a platform for managing an integration project together with our partners.

Do I need to know how to code? If I can code, will this give me some advantage in the system?

No, AINSYS is a No Code platform. No code knowledge is required to set up basic functions. Our graphical interface will provide all the necessary instructions and tools to get the job done.If you want to implement some custom solutions or connect a system that is not yet in our catalog, you can develop a connector yourself or use the help of a specialist.

How to connect a connector?

It is necessary to create an account and working space in AINSYS;